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Lost Planet 2 PS3 Game Free Download

Lost Planet 2 PS3 Game Free Download.

Lost Planet 2 PS3 Free Download Lost Planet 2 is a video game in action, shooting, third-person shooter and second-generation version of the lost planet game series developed by Capcom and sponsored by the company in May 2010 for PlayStation 3, X Box 360 and Microsoft Windows released.

Lost Planet 2 PS3 Game Overview

The game is similar to the previous version of the game on the planet EDN III and once again depicts the unknown destiny of humans scattered around the galaxy.

Despite the repetition of the planet in this version, all the game environments have changed, and 3D graphics have added a lot of charm to the game. You can complete the stages of the game individually or in collaboration with other gamers on a Split-Screen or online, and unlike the previous game, in this version, you can customize your characters and You can manipulate your gun model and increase its power.

In the game, you can use teamwork tactics to use new weapons and different types of vital clothing to fight against enemies and giant space monsters.

Lost Planet 2 PS3 Features

Manufacturer: Capcom / Capcom
Game Name: Lost Planet 2
Featured Console (s): XBOX360, PS3
Official release date: 05/05/2010
Release Date: 12:08 – 95/12/17

Lost Planet 2 PS3 Game Free Download

Lost Planet 2PS3 CFW 4.30+ MRTC00002


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